Down with modems, hail routers

Well if you happen to have a Siemens C2-010-l Adsl “modem”, which is probably true when you got your Internet from Alice, then you want to look at this . Yes its German, but you probably speak German if you got that Modem ;).

Anyway the short is :

Siemens C2-010-l is a goddamn router and not only modem. Its just that they configured it so it acts as a modem.

Heres a quick rundown on what to do :

1st: manually set your Lan connection to 192.168.1.<something> . Select as gateway.

2nd: connect with the browser to , Username : alice@13184 Password : hnto$mgmt@lice

3rd configure the PPPOE connection . Advanced -> ATM VCC , delete all connection , make a new one:

Interface : PVC-0

VPI : 1

VCI : 32

Virtual Circuit : enabled


Username : < Username that was send to you>

Password : < Your password >

Connection type : PPPOE LLC

MRU : 1492

Authentication : CHAP

Optain DNS automatically : enabled

Default Route : enabled

NAT : enabled

IGMP : enabled

Now hit appy.

4th : Goto Tools -> Misc , Hit Save and Reboot and youre done

Congratulations , you got yourself a router.

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