Santa, a sex-obsessed pervert ?

Yes Microsoft made a nice little gimmik in MSN, you could add to your friendlist and chat with Santa(bot) .

Aparently Santa is a little potty mouth, talking to kids about Oral sex and calling them bastards. Microsoft reacted promtly and blamed the kids. You all know how evil and twisted our kids are today. Nevertheless they killed Santa a few days earlier.

What is the Moral of this story ?

  1. Microsoft is evil because they have a sexually obsessed Santa
  2. Microsoft is evil because they killed Santa ( they could have sued him for sexual harrassement, but they took the law into their hands and killed him )
  3. Kids are even more evil then we could ever imaging

The conclusion is : THe WorLd is EEeeEEevIiil

( or funny … depending on they way you interprete these events )

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