What this Box also does

As this Box was idle for too long now I decided to install Boinc on this box.

Boinc is a distributed computing effort, so complex calculations don’t need to be made on huge super computers, but are distributed over hundreds/thousands of normal home PCs. Basically everyone that has spare CPU time ( I want to remind you that YOU , yes YOU have spare CPU time , even if you don’t know what it is ) can help in these calculations. Have a look at the wikipedia article.

Currently I participate in the following project : http://qah.uni-muenster.de/

We got a Team there : Warriors Warriors

I made the Team Boinc Wide now so you should be able to find the team in any Boinc project. Check here to see the Boinc wide site.

Why the Name ?

Being an Internet addict ( and Fark.com user ) I stumbled upon a lot of, what I call, Internet trash. My favorite being the great Huffer. He somehow managed to blow spray paint up his face. He is a steady reminder of the harmful effects solvents can have …. ahh whom I kidding … first and foremost hes perfect to get a cheap laugh hrhrhr. ….. Anyway if you look at his T-shirt you might get why I called the Team “Warriors Warriors” . I hope you didn’t think it was because some kinda noble cause that could help science .

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