To install it either read the README file that comes with EVEFleets or read this :

1st Create a Database to store the data. You can alternatively use a DB that already exists. Run the table.sql script on it. This will create a table called “Fleets” with the necessary Fields to run the sript.

Copy the content of the html directory to your Document root on your webserver. e.g. /var/www/htdocs.
I recommend copying the “includes” and “config” directory to a place that is not accessible by the webserver . E.g /var/www/includes, if your webserver can only acess /var/www/htdocs and subdirectories of that.
Change the html/dir_conf.php file so it fits your setup.
Change the config/config.php file according to your setup.

If you want to run a cronjob that automatically deletes every fleet during downtime have a look at the cronjob directory. If you look at the cronjob.php you can read a suggestion on how to run the script manually without a cronjob, even though I dont think that its a good solution to the problem.

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