Evil KFileShare

You try to get samba/NFS shares to work conveniently in Konqueror ? You configured the filesharing correctly but you still only get this lousy “You need to be authorized to share folders” everytime , no matter what you try, even if you disable the filesharing ? Well then you might have a problem with the privileges on /etc/security/fileshare.conf , so ” chmod 644 /etc/security/fileshare.conf ” to make it readable for anyone else. Konqueror will not tell you if it cannot read the config file and just give you that same error all the time.

Normally this shouldn’t happen, and I couldn’t reproduce KFileShare creating a config file with the wrong privileges. For some reason the config file it created the 1st time was only readable by root, which then made it impossible to get the config for any user that was not root. Took me quite a while to figure it out, but thanks to a nice read in the sourcecode, I finally figured out that it couldnt read the config.

Now finally I have “less clicks then writing the config file on your own” file sharing enabled.

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