Welcome to EVEFleets, the revolutionary fleetposting System.

Basically it allows you to post fleets that are selfinvite in EVE-online on a website and your alliance/corpmembers just need to click the link to get into the fleet. This way people that just logged in and who want to see what fleets are going can have a quick look at the site and can chose what fleet to join.

If you want to try it out , use your InGame browser and goto : http://evefleets.flami.net/

To download it goto the download section.

If want to know how to use it check the help section.

Also you might want to keep an eye on the News section to see if something happens.

There is a Forum Threat on the Eve-online Forums

You need PHP5 and A MySQL database, to make things more comfortable having access to a crontab/scheduler is nice

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