Hear the game, not the girl

Play STO?

Hang out in Quarks often?

Pissed off by that constant annoying babbling that Holo Leeta does, but still want to turn on “voice ” in your audio options?

Look no further here is your solution:


To use it, unpack it to “Localdata” in your STO folder ( e.g. C:\Program Files\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\Localdata ).

This mod will not be overwritten by patches.

If it didn’t unpack correctly, and Leeta is still babbling, make sure inside Localdata you now have “sound\win32\Voice_Dabo_Leeta.fev”

It currently has the “Works on my machine” quality seal.

Have a nice day, and say hi to Minix 😉

PS : for those interested , this mod replaces Leetas control file ( which part of leeta gets played when) with  a file that basically does nothing. There was another approach to this which was to replace Leeta with PCM_AMB_Silence. It seemed to have crashed randomly, if you still want to try it :Stfu-Leeta2

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